In our work we seek an intergration of the rich resources of traditional tropical detail and planning principles with the latest resources of technical knowledge and materials pratically available in teh regional context. We believe "Architecture" and the "Built Enviroment enhances human experience ratherit be on the physical or meta-physical level. Great spaces and urban interventions begin with simple vision, which is designed and developed into a community-enriching Project.

Our projects are a reflection of our diverse group of young Architects and Designers. Our Team's constant research and analysis on new technological systems and hazard free materials coonstantly allow us to design fresh and innovative solutions to the design problems posed.

We are dedicated to maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, confidence and respect by providing our clients with a superior finsh product. This is achieved by keeping open communications with them through stages of project development and through the participation of the users in the design development wherever possible. We deal in the full gamit of architectural projects and in every case we apply a simple principal.

"The search for design excellence".